understanding your invoice
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  1. Restatement of Current Amount Due. >top
  2. Account Number: Your account number pertains to this service address only.  Please refer to this number whenever you contact us. >top
  3. Service Address: The address for which UMC is providing billing services. >top
  4. Invoice Date: The date the invoice is produced. >top
  5. Return this Portion: Tear or cut along the dotted, perforated line.  The upper portion should accompany your payment.  (Failure to include the payment stub can delay the posting to the correct account.) The lower portion of the invoice is for your records. >top
  6. Mail Address: The address to which the invoice and all correspondence is mailed. >top
  7. This section is a restatement of the name, account number, invoice date, and type of billing. >top
  8. Meter Reading Information: >top

    a. Description of the Utility Service. >top

    b. Meter or transmitter number if applicable. >top

    c. The current meter reading and the corresponding type of measurement. >top

    d. Prior meter reads, from the prior billing period and the corresponding type of measurement. >top

    e. Total: This is derived by subtracting the prior meter read from the current meter read.  This gives the total billable units. >top

    f. For water usage comparison only.  1CCF (one hundred cubic foot) equals 748 gallons. >top

  9. Billing Period: The dates refer to your meter reading and billing dates. >top
  10. Previous Account Balance: The account balance from your previous invoice. >top
  11. Previous Payments and Adjustments: The total of all payments and adjustments made to your account since your last invoice. "From" - "To" is the date range in which the payment was received. >top
  12. Description: A short description of each line item included on the invoice. >top
  13. Units: The amount of Water (per thousand gallons) or (100 cubic feet), Natural Gas (therms), or Electricity (kWH) used during this billing period. >top
  14. Rate: The amount of that line item which is multiplied by the number of units. >top
  15. Total: The calculated amount of each line item using units multiplied by the rate.  (Flat Rate items use a "1" to reflect a full month.) >top
  16. Current Charges: The total amount calculated for the current billing period.  The amount includes charges for utility service, operational service, taxes, regulatory fees, and any additional charges. >top
  17. Invoice Message: Messages can change monthly.  Messages can include information about payment services, seasonal messages, and rate notices. >top
  18. Web Address: UMC's Web site has an array of information for our customers ranging from conservation tips to account information and payment options. >top
  19. Due Date: The date in which your past and current charges are due in our office. >top
  20. Total Amount Due: Includes prior balance if any, minus payments / adjustments / credits.  Then additional current charges. >top
  21. UMC's contact information. >top
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