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What is my current balance and due date?
You can view this information on-line by accessing your account. Simply click on Customer LogIn. Once inside your account, you will be able to see your current balance and due date. Should you choose not to access your account online, you may call UMC Customer Care Center at 1-800-481-0050 for this information.
What is the mailing address?

Please send payments with your account number enclosed to:

Utilities Management Concepts, INC. (UMC)
122A E. Foothill Blvd
PMB 30
Arcadia, CA 91006-2505
Is there a grace period for payments due?
There is no grace period. UMC allows a full 21-day payment period. Your payment is due upon receipt of your monthly invoice and considered late if not received in our office by the due date printed at the bottom of your invoice.
Is the due date always the same day or date each month?
The due date is not the same day or date each month. UMC bills on or about the same date as the local utility provider and is due 21-days from the invoice date at the top of the invoice. Because UMC focuses on a full 21-day period for payment and the number of days in each month fluctuates, the due date also fluctuates, generally only by a day or two.
Can I have my due date changed?
We adhere to a 21 day payment period based on the local utility provider's schedule. This allows for punctual and accurate invoicing.
Can I make payment arrangements on my past due amount?
Yes. Please call our toll free customer care center at 1-800-481-0050. We encourage you to communicate with us. Should you have any questions, concerns, or are experiencing difficult financial times, please call. UMC is happy to work with you and will stop all adverse reports when you make earnest payment arrangements.
What types of payment do you accept?
By mail you may pay using personal checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. (Please do not send cash through the mail.)

Over the phone, you may pay by Visa/Master Card or ATM Cards with Visa / Master Card Logos.

Online through accessing your account, you may pay by using a Visa/Master Card or ATM Card with Visa / Master Card Logos.

What is my account number?
Protecting our customer's privacy is of great concern for us at UMC. You need to call our customer service center at 1-800-481-0050 and upon verification of your account, we will gladly give you the information you request.
I forgot my password, how can I find it or get a new one?
When accessing your account you will see the login box. Below this box is a link to have your password e-mailed to you. Or you can call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-481-0050 and upon confirmation that this is your account, your password will be given to you.
Who makes up the various rates on my invoice?
UMC charges the same rate as the local utility provider. Each city, and/or utility district has their own unique way of calculating the rates for their particular district. Please call the local utility provider for detailed information.
How are my meters read?
Each city, county, and property is different. There are many ways in which meters can be read. The following are some examples:

Manual Meter Reading System: a meter reader will walk up to your meter or remote counter and read it.

Automated Meter Reading System: generally the meter is inside a dwelling or enclosed area that is not accessible. The meter is wired to Meter Counter Modules (MCM) located in the maintenance room of your building. The MCM is then wired to the Communication Interface Module (CIM) that is located in the MPOE (Minimum Point Of Entry - main phone room) for the property. Using this modern technology, UMC is able to communicate with this module at any time to retrieve the meter readings.

Wireless Meter Reading System: generally the meter is inside a dwelling or enclosed area that is not accessible. The meter is wired to a micro radio transmitter which transmits meter readings to a Relay/Receiver. The Relay/Receiver sends meter readings periodically throughout each 24-hour period to a Receiver/Communicator unit that is generally located in the MPOE (Minimum Point Of Entry - main phone room). UMC communicates with this Receiver/Communicator to download the meter readings.

Where is my meter located?
Unfortunately there are as many answers as there are meters. Each dwelling and each property is different. If you have a dwelling within a multi-family housing complex, the maintenence personnel should be able to help you. If you live in a residential single family home, the meter is often located near the street. If you have a commercial unit, generally it's located in a common area and the owner should be able to direct you to the exact location. In any case, you can call UMC Customer Care Center at 1-800-481-0050 and we will be able to point you in the correct direction or give you a contact name and phone number of the person or company that would know.
What is the "Service Charge" or "Administration Fee" or “Meter Charge” for?
Each utility district or city uses different verbiage to describe the charge and the reasons for the charge. The following shortened description is a combination of their different definitions: Service Charge / Administration Fee is a readiness-to-serve charge / fee that recovers "fixed costs" of service associated with providing capital facilities including but not limited to;  administrative services, pump stations, reservoirs, transmission lines, and wells. Fixed costs occur whether or not any water is used.
What is the Water, Water Usage, Usage, or Consumption charge?
This is a charge for the consumption of water and is measured in gallons, liters, or cubic foot.
What is the Sanitation, Sewer charge?
Generally it's a flat rate charge, per month, for transportation and treatment of wastewater (this is not considered solid waste). Some areas may charge based on water consumption.
What is the Energy Charge?
This charge for heating water, generally by gas, in a central boiler. (Not to be confused with the gas that is provided to your dwelling via a personal account.) We use the invoice from the local provider and subtract a set percentage for common area usage. That amount is divided by the total hot water meter readings that pertain to that central boiler, which gives the rate per billing unit. Multiply the rate by the individual amount of hot water usage and this will equal the amount billed.
Why is there a late fee?
This late fee is to cover administrative costs arising from past due accounts which generate delinquent letters, collection letters, reporting on collection accounts, etc.
Why doesn't my new invoice show the last payment I made?
Any type of payment and/or adjustment that is made before the due date will be reflected on your current invoice. However, if we received your payment after the due date, it will then be reflected on the following invoice.
How can I change the name on my account?
Please call us at 1-800-481-0050, it will only take a moment to change.
How can I change the mailing address on my account?
Please call us at 1-800-481-0050, and we will be happy to make that change.

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