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Water is the most valuable resource on earth. Period. It’s the principal substance that separates our planet from all others and makes life possible. That’s why it’s so important to know your water conservation facts. The availability of water impacts every part of our lives. When you know and fully understand your water conservation facts, you won’t take water for granted. While salt water is quite abundant on our planet, fresh water sources become more depleted every year as ever-greater demands are placed upon them. These increasing demands, along with years of drought conditions in the western U.S., have made water more precious than ever.

Careless use of our water resources is the surest way to bring about a future water crisis. That’s why it’s important to learn your water conservation facts now. The place for each of us to start saving is in our home, and most people are surprised by the impact they can make there. There are hundreds of water conservation facts that you can use to save around the house, from installing a low-flow showerhead to sweeping the driveway instead of hosing it off.

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